Saturday, January 29, 2005

Blogger's getting better! I don't really blog enough yet to see all the little changes, but everytime I come back to do something, there's something new, and it seems to be a little easier to do this stuff.

The Mac has changed, once again, my entire computing paradigm. OS X 10.3 and the G5 and the Xserve G5 are to past mac computing what windows 3.1 was to all previous windows. It's finally something that actually does something, it has applications to do actual work with, and it's fairly comprehensible.

One of my problems with Apple and Mac in the past was that it appeared to me that the company was more interested in creating a mystique and culture around their products, instead of creating a product on which anyone could do actual work. That's always been the "real" Windows advantage. The OS was out of the way enough that the average user, with very little help. could fire up the machine and start being productive. Apple and Mac always made that claim, but there was never any software created for it that mattered in the productivity area.

Sure, Adobe did Photoshop, but in the real world, not very many people need high powered graphics editing.

Most users would rather be able to write a letter with some formatting, or do a spreadsheet or whatever. Windows could ALWAYS do that. Apple/Mac was more interested in other things.

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